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Hello 2024!

We would like to wish all our lovely customers, and the vintage & stained glass businesses that have supported us, a very Happy New Year!

Welcome to Crafty By Nature

We are nearly finished with the website revamp!

As it requires plentiful IT skills (that I don't have), some bad language and a few tears (got plenty of those)

its taken a few days!

Please call in on Sunday for our new, beautiful things!

Crafty by Nature Masks_edited.jpg

Handmade in Dublin
from natural and upcycled materials

Pretty things shouldn't cost the Earth


November 10 - December 20


about Crafty by Nature

I'm Amanda, the creative mayhem behind Crafty by Nature - an eclectic mix of lovely things handcrafted in Dublin, from eco-friendly natural materials - silk, cotton, wool - as well as scavenged and repurposed elements - broken china, recycled glass, beads and even nutshells.

The rescue dog mascot of Crafty By Nature Handmade Irish Crafts and Craft Courses

Traditional crafts
with a creative twist

Crafty by Nature started as a fun project to make beeswax wraps, after our foster pup, Spraoi decided to thwart my eco-concious attempt to avoid plastic wrap by chewing up a set. I perfected a formula and technique, only to realise it made sense to make more than I needed, so I started selling them in craft markets with some of the lovely things I'd been making for years.

Lock-down brought Crafty by Nature Dublin onto its own website, and on social media. We started making silk-lined masks, and I'm proud to say, we donated and gave to charity as much as we sold for the business.

Its an outlet for my craft mania, an enthusiastic player in the circular economy (we've  never refused to a piece of material or a cracked cup). It brings in a much needed income  (your custom can really make a difference!) and allows me to support Irish businesses and charities - Dogs in Distress and the Red Cross Ukraine.

Our crafts are eco-friendly, locally sourced, and handmade with an attention to detail bordering on obsession!

Soon, we hope to spread the insanity with a blog, online training, and workshops for fellow craft addicts! Sign up to our newsletter to find out more!

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